Author: M. Usman Maqbool Bhutta


  1. CV (Best practice is to update frequently, add whatever you have)
  2. Cover Letter / Why you (make shorts 5-6 key points of having you)

List All Professors

Make a list of all the relevent Profs. and write your Research Statement according to the Target Prof.’s Research Interest

This is the most important part, which actually students dont care before sending any email to the target Prof. To Write Reserach Statement:

  • Read at least 3-4 papers of the target Prof. and check his recent research directions.
  • Align your previous work to the Prof. research directions.

Why: Because usually Profs. have fundings related to their recent projects. In this manner, they are likely to reply you.


  1. Email you CV + Cover letter + Research statement to the Prof.
  2. If you didnt get any reply, send them reminder after a week.


If you have GRE/ILETS + Publications, then try top universites in the US/Canada, Switzerland, UK, Australia.


In that case, try HK (HKPFS), Japan, China or Korea.

Funding Problem

Only if Prof. show interests from top university (oxford/Cambridge/ETH etc). Tell them you can arrage fundings. You can easily grab funding using CMMS-PEEF Scholarship.

PROS: You can get degree from Top university.

CONS: Usually monthly stipend is bit lower then the university’s one. (I think not a big deal).

When to start contacting profs.

Usually between July-Sept is the ideal time to contact.

Scholarship Network at Facebook [Link]

Top University Matters?

Yes, you are likely to get higher salary.