Author: M. Usman Maqbool Bhutta

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Whole Ph.D. thesis structure is similar. Moreover, I’ve added all details with some templates related to inserting signature, equations, tables, images, algorithms in the tex files.

Download and Run

Just clone / download using the zip file the :octocat: github repository. Make sure, you are miktex / latex-live pre-installed in your PC. For the editor, Tex-Studio or VS-Code is recommended.

If you are using Tex-Studio, use multiple times F1, and F8 for the bibliography of the each chapter. You might need to compile aux files as well. See :warning: Compilation Error below.

Signature Page

You can add your digital signature. Just update the includes/sig.png file.

Block Diagram

For creating the block diagram, I highly recommend, it is a tool which convert your graphics to Latex.


For adding the graphs. I highly recommend using Tikz. You can find example in Section II of Chapter.5.tex.


We used single bib file Thesis.bib which has all the references. Each chapter will have its own reference section.

Compilation Error

If the references are not generated successfully, or you are facing problem with a particular chapter.

For example: If chapter 2 references are not updating after the compilation. To fix this, you have to open the chapter2.aux in the tex studio, and press` F8, so that the references could be updated. Afterwards you will be able to compile them easily.


M. Usman Maqbool Bhutta