:cn: July 2017 | Attended International Conference on Computer Vision Systems (ICVS) 2017

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Attended ICVS at Shangri-La Shenzhen 2017. Pleasure to meet Prof Roland Siegwart (PhD supervisor) of my PhD supervisor and Laurent Kneip there.


Pleasure to meet with Prof. Roland Siegwart at ICVS-2017
With my Prof. Liu Ming, Prof. Roland Siegwart and ram-lab members
with Laurent Kneip
L2R Me, Markus Vincze (TU Wien, Austria), Yuying Chen, Qinghai Liao and Prof Ming Liu
With Haoyao Chen (Harbin Insititue of Technology, China), Prof. Liu Ming and HKUST Robotics Institute members
L2R Qinghai Liao, Me and Liang Qing (Founder of Lisee Technology)