:cn: June 2018 | Attended CCF-GAIR 2018 in Shenzhen, China

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Global AI and Robotics Conference [CCF-GAIR 2018] was held in :triangular_flag_on_post: JW Marriot, Shenzhen China (06.29-07.01, 2018). What I’ve observed, please read the sections below;

Computer Vision

Prof Ming Liu (my supervisor) was Session Chairman, and he is Assistant Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering Department, Director of RAM-LAB, HKUST 30 July, 18.

Prof Liu at CCV-GAIR

Plenary Report by Long Quan

Long Quan,Professor of HKUST, President of ICCV 2011, IEEE Fellow
Topic: Computer Vision, Recognition and 3D Re-construction Slides: pdf

Keynote Speech by Dahua Lin

Dahua Lin,Co-Founder of Sensetime, Director of CUHK-Sensetime Joint Lab
Topic: New Explorations in Computer Vision Studies.

Dahua Lin Slides

Intelligent Driving

Plenary Report by Fei-Yue Wang

Fei-Yue Wang,”Director of The State Key Laboratory for Management and Control of Complex Systems, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Vice-president & Secretary general of Chinese Association of Automation”
Topic: Future of autonomous vehicles.

Fei-Yue Wang slide
Me with Mr. Fei-Yue Wang.

Boaz Sacks keyspeech

Keyspeaker: Boaz Sacks,Regional President of Mobileye(China) - An Intel Company His speech includes the topics;

  • The concept of Mobileye
  • Sensing the entire roadscape
  • 12 Cameras systems on vehicle
  • View points of cameras
  • Camera system for parking
  • REM Aggregation
  • Mapping REM Summary
  • Facts and figures by WHO about the death of people
  • Human Error is the cause of most collisions
  • Axa switzerland research to avoid the collisions
Slides by Boaz Sacks at CCF-GAIR 2018.
Me with Mr. Boaz Sacks.

Ping Qi keyspeech

Ping Qi,Director of Engineering Center at ZF (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Topic: The Challenges on the Automobile’s Brain and Actuators Posed by Intelligent Driving His speech includes the topics on ProAI Gen 2.0 Level 4.

Slides by Ping Qi at CCF-GAIR 2018.


Keynote Speech by Eric Chang

Eric Chang,Vice-president of MSRA (Microsoft Research Asia)
Topic: The Exploration of Weakly-Supervised Learning in Medical Imaging

Keynote Speech by Eric Chang

Mems Lidar by Robosense Lidar company

Robosense company is making mems lidar which gives awesome results on road. These lidars are very cheaper than the Velodyne. I highly recommend these lidars for autonomous driving.


Mems Lidar by Robosense.

Human Robot Interaction - Pepper Robot

SoftBank Robotics is making intelligent robots called Pepper, using AI. These robots are very interactive and can dance with you. Like I did and really enjoyed :)

Bionic Robots

Plenary Report by Metin Sitti

Metin Sitti ,Founding member & head of The Physical Intelligence Department of Max Planck Institute of Intelligent Systems, founder of nanoGriptech. Former Professor of Mechanical Engineering at CMU.
Topic: Bio-inspired soft adhesive and soft miniature robots.

Prof Metin Sitti at CCV-GAIR